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There’s no avoiding social media nowadays, and even when a popstar’s pet poodle has their own Instagram following and Twitter handle, your brand can barely afford to lag behind.

An effective social media strategy will help you reach, engage with and influence your online audience in ways that other media is not able to. Not only that, but being active on the largest networks is a crucial factor to ensuring strong affiliation and high search engine rankings.

Building a Community

The good news is that your audience is already on social media, sharing funny cat videos, swapping links and talking to their friends. Engaging with them here is meeting them on their home turf, and should be treated as such. Content written for social media communities should be light, engaging and immediately shareable. Our writers are experienced tweeters, ‘grammers and Facebook sharers, and know exactly what shareable, unique content looks like when they see it. We can help build your brand’s identity and tone across social media and make sure that readers know exactly when they are reading your content, with a recognisable and resonant voice.

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Bringing it Home

With a community in place – and an audience hungry for your insight on-board – another key step is turning your social media audience into customers and fans of your brand. Not only can you use social media accounts as a key part of your brand’s reputation management, but using focused content can differentiate your company as an industry leader and trusted source, letting you dictate the dialogue around your brand. Linking to other channels is a powerful weapon, too, with cross-promotion opportunities to fold in your website, social shares and other online content at your fingertips. Talk to our social team today to see how an integrated strategy might work wonders for your brand.

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