Paid Amplification

Marketing through other channels

How do you get your message across in the online world, beyond the reach of your usual channels?

Content amplification via social channels is one of the most effective ways to promote your content through third party sources. It can be a valuable tool in finding new target audiences and lets your carefully-curated content resonate with a new pool of potential customers.

Turn it up

Most paid amplification channels are social networks, which are already primed for users to share and exchange content they find useful, leading to your messaging being distributed in an organic way. The most well-known examples of potential channels are using Facebook’s Boosted Posts, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content feature, Instragram adverts and Snapchat ads. With each network comprising a large and diverse audience, we can whittle down your potential viewers to target a specific segment of their user-bases. With a carefully timed amplification of your message, an engaging message can convert a paid audience into an owned audience, winning the trust of new customers in the process.

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Amplified Tools

Beyond lending your messaging to a boosted audience, there are several tools on hand to allow you to target and shape your audience, helping your brand get better quality leads. These can include content recommendation programs, such as Outbrain or Taboola, which specialise in pushing your content onto news sites and other placements that complement your message. We also can run analytics tools to let you see how and where you content is being shared, which strategies are working for you and – crucially – why.

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