Content marketing: what you need to know for 2019

With 2018 drawing to a close, the question on every marketer’s mind is how to make content in 2019 even bigger than this year.

Content marketing has established itself as a truly valuable and authentic marketing technique that can increase the performance of a business greatly. Last year, it was estimated that the content marketing industry would be worth more than $400 USD billion by 2021.

So going into 2019, what do you need to know about content marketing?

Content marketing is mainstream marketing

It was not that long ago that content marketing started to gain popularity. What used to be a side project for marketers has become a full-fledged mainstream aspect of marketing. Content that invokes a two way discussion between the customer and the brand is what is needed in 2019 and beyond. Nurturing a relationship with your audience through content will set your brand on the path for success. This is because it builds trust, brand exposure and generates traffic to your online platforms.

Marketing is now incomplete without content marketing and it is in fact at the core of marketing.

Content strategy is essential

But there is no point in content without a content strategy. In creating value-adding content, you can reach your desired audiences but to achieve your business goals and maximise the effectiveness, you must consider the strategy. As part of your 2019 marketing plan, lay out a content strategy to meet the goals of your business. Content can greatly assist in attracting new customers, if tweaked using the recent sales trends.

The top level goals may be relatively general so you will need to delve deeper to find the content strategy to deliver the desired results. Statistics from the Content Marketing Institute show 65 per cent of the most successful marketers have a documented content strategy. So more important than having a content strategy is having a documented content strategy.

Creating value for the customer is key

People are much more informed these days and are looking for content that will answer specific questions on a personal level. So your customers are looking for vital information that will assist them and are no longer convinced with generic marketing tactics. Customers want to obtain value from the content you provide.

Creating value for the customer will be important across a number of different departments. For instance, the sales team will use content to improve their client relationships while brand managers can take advantage of turning content into goodwill and authority. Whatever the department, together creating value for the customer will enhance your brand’s presence.

By personalising content in 2019, you can give your customer valuable content that will answer their specific concerns and in turn, build strong relationships.

Content builds brand trust

You don’t want the customer journey to end and then be forgotten. You want your customers to come back again. Content marketing can do just that. Instead of focussing on the transaction, focus on building trust with the customer. They have questions, concerns and interests. By tailoring content for your targeted audience, you will prioritise continuous engagement over the mere financial transaction.

You will gain the trust of your customers and in turn create a nurturing relationship that will keep them coming back and better still, recommend you to family and friends. Rather than being seen as just a seller, you will create a partnership with your customers and even if a cheaper product or service was introduced, they will be less likely to leave you.

Distribution channels matter

Now this may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. There is no point in producing high-quality, valuable content if no one can see it. Push your content through social media, email marketing and so on. Beyond that, explore those channels that are unique to your particular audience. Maybe in addition to your online platforms, you need a physical copy of a white paper detailing the benefits of  your brand. Or join forums that require your services.

In 2019, get creative with the distribution of your content and expand your channels so that you reach your desired customer base.


The new year is just round the corner, so ensure your content is in shape because content marketing is where it’s at.


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