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There are a range of communication methods in today’s digital age to get your business on the forefront. Social media is a popular medium but don’t forget the ‘old school’ digital options like emails and newsletters.

Newsletters and email communications are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. From regular updates to customers on your business activities, to industry summaries, to more pure marketing activities, our writers are well versed in writing content to keep your organisation top of mind among your target audience while gently guiding prospects towards new and improved sales.

Recent figures show that, despite being considered quite an old school method of marketing, emails still frequently deliver a return on investments of up to 4,000%. But in an age where people are becoming more and more resistant to spam, it’s important to know how to strike the right balance.


In short, email newsletters will enable you to keep current customers informed about your brand and help to reach out to those that are unfamiliar with it. Remember though, when writing for email, you’re not writing to a general audience; instead, you are addressing one reader with whom you want to foster a personal connection. The art of a good email newsletter is the art of creating a conversation between you and this individual reader. Luckily, our writers are adept at creating educational, interesting content on a variety of topics to keep your readership engaged, excited and informed. From grabbing subject lines through to informative copy, we write newsletters that readers look forward to receiving in their inboxes.

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Email Marketing

The art of email copywriting is three-fold: (1) engage your audience’s attention, (2) keep them interested and (3) get them to take action. Personalising content is also important, as with newsletters, to make sure that your readers feel like they are being contacted by a familiar voice, rather than sold to by a stranger. In other words, it requires you to treat your subscribers’ inboxes like your own, by avoiding an excess of sales jargon, keeping messaging short and sweet and making content worth their time. Our writers are on hand to lend their expertise to create unique and engaging content that will have your audience feeling like they are hearing from an old friend.

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